Business Intelligence (BI)

The Global Tech Awards recognizes excellence in various fields of technology, including Business Intelligence (BI). The following are the criteria for Business Intelligence (BI) Awards Category:

  • Impact on business performance: The extent to which the BI solution has positively impacted key business metrics such as revenue growth, cost savings, increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Innovation: The degree of originality and uniqueness of the BI solution and how it has challenged industry norms and solved complex business problems.

  • Technical Excellence: The level of technical proficiency and the effectiveness of the BI solution in meeting the needs of the business. The solution should be reliable, secure and scalable.

  • User Adoption: The level of user adoption and satisfaction with the BI solution, including ease of use and accessibility. The solution should have a positive impact on end-users and enhance their ability to make informed decisions.

  • Integration: The ability of the BI solution to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, processes and workflows, and the level of data accuracy and consistency it provides.

  • Sustainability: The longevity and sustainability of the BI solution, including the ability to adapt to changing business requirements and future-proof the technology investment.

  • Data Privacy and Security: The extent to which the BI solution adheres to data privacy and security regulations and protects sensitive information.

  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost-effectiveness of the BI solution compared to alternative solutions and its overall return on investment.

  • Scalability: The ability of the BI solution to scale up or down as business requirements change, without impacting performance.

  • Industry Recognition: Evidence of the BI solution receiving recognition or awards in the industry, showcasing its impact and effectiveness.

Note: These criteria are provided as a guideline and the judges may consider other factors in making their decision. The final criteria used for the awards may be adjusted based on the specific needs and requirements of the competition.

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